Your world upside down! I did! It was my yoga that led me to a really awesome place, beyond the mat. Following my heart as yoga teaches, I was led by my desire to live a healthier life. Fullly committed, I quit my job, stopped writing Omm (sorry) and became a certified holistic health coach and a certified food and spirit practitioner. Using yoga philosophy as the foundation from which I supported myself to a blissful state of health, I created my program, Feal Real…a wellness journey for enjoying an Authentic life. (The “a” in Feal stands for authentic!)

Having supported over 100 people to date, I have the privilege of witnessing them transform right in front of my eyes. The before-and-after photos of my clients can look extremely different, but many may not. But to my trained eye, I can see the shifts even after the first session. Their smiles are broader, their shoulders relaxed, their laughs deeper, their gaze intense, their steps springy, their hearts full of love, their spirits beaming. They are engaged in the world, present in their bodies and truly alive. They are sleeping soundly, eating better, feeling calmer, looking leaner and feeling joyful. They are awake. When their spirits shine, so does mine. We are accountable to each other and grow together. It’s awesome, and I feel so grateful that my journey led me here.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, visit www.pamgross.com to find out!!

I’m leaving this site up, so feel free to visit anytime. I hope our mats crosss again soon!

Much love and gratitude for your support over the years!





With bhakti at the Bhakti Fest Midwest. This year, the rain stood no chance of dampening the love vibe at this annual freespirit fest in Madison, WI, held on June 20-22. Yogis and kirtan fans came from as far as Nepal to join together to create a spiritual swell of energy. The treats offered at the healing sanctuary, vendor village and organic food truck were a bhakti bonus! Be sure to check it out next year!


Shiva Rea

Is here…I think! Out of hibernation and into the season of true moksha…freedom. Freedom from coats and boots, freedom from school, freedom from routine, and freedom to move your body outdoors. Summer is when Chicago truly shines. It’s how I convinced my husband to move to Chicago in 1993. Just a couple visits during the summer and it was a done deal!

So in the spirit of summer, let go, embrace your freedom and get outside to play! After reading an article about how every living thing plays, including the bacteria living in our stomachs, I was inspired to teach a yoga class all about play. Yoga teaches us how to embrace our playful spirit, so that off the mat we can release our inhibitions and have some fun.

If you’re looking for somewhere to let go and be free this summer, Bhakti Fest Midwest is the place to be. And…for the very playful, try SUP+Yoga on Lake Michigan. See below for more details on both. Whatever you choose to do for fun, make a pact with yourself to stay present while you play…and enjoy every moment!

Happy Summer, Chicago! We made it!





Free at Bhakti Fest Midwest. A total free-spirit fest in Madison, WI, June 20-22, Bhakti Fest is the self-acclaimed “Spiritual Woodstock of the New Millennium.” Go for the kirtan and yoga. Hit up the vendor village and healing sanctuary. I’m going…and you should, too!  Click here for tickets.


Me at the virtual Detox Summit this August 4-10 and find out how – and why – to detox your body, mind and soul. As a member of the Detox Team and a student of Dr. Deanna Minich, the brain child of the Summit, I encourage you to register to hear from the country’s leading doctors and luminaries on how to clean up. It’s free! Plus you’ll get access to my article about cool apps and gadgets to help you cleanse! Click here to register.


With Stand Up Paddle (SUP) this summer? Lots. The  SUP scene has hit Chicago with a shock wave spanning the entire city shoreline. Amp it up with a lithe yoga, and you’re talking extreme fun. So don’t just admire Lake Michigan from afar…get in and enjoy it!


Click for the full Northwest Passage SUP schedule with me and Steph Metz at Gillson Beach.

Click for Northwestern Sailing School SUP classes with Kristin Andrews.


Chicago SUP Yoga with Mary Lou Cermani at Montrose Beach.

Chicago SUP at North Avenue Beach.

Chicago Paddle Rentals at 31st Street Harbor.




In peace at Unite Urban Grill. Local yogi icon Megan Dunne Krouse and husband Jon Krouse united her love of veggies and grains and his passion for meats and grilling into a harmonious dining experience at 1450 West Chicago Ave. in  West Town. After winning the heart of the neighborhood, Jon has decided to spread the love with a new venture in Evanston called, Wood Shed, a 3,500-square-foot, 120-seat restaurant featuring wood-fired pizzas and smoked meats.



Out to feel better. Stiff neck, wonky knee, stubborn shoulder? Not to worry…FrozenPeaz’s got your back! A new take on the 1950s frozen peas ice pack remedy, FrozenPeaz state-of-the-art Clear Ice™ Solution won’t break down in the freezer or microwave. This flexible hot and cold pack comes in a vartiety of sizes and shapes to fit any aching part of your body.

Don’t pass on these peaz! Click here to check them out.


sunrise yoga
Smart. Do yoga. Harvard Medical School just gave us another reason to be yoga pushers…their new study confirms that increased blood flow and stimulation of nerve cells from exercise boosts brain power. Just 20 minutes could do the trick. Click here for my 22-minute Yoga Brain Boost Sequence. Audio file only. Requires some experience with yoga, especially Sun Salutation A.


Now! Want to be inspired? Yes, there’s an app for that. Hay House Now, brought to you from the enlightened beings of Hay House, is loaded with lectures to help you lose weight, feel great and meditate. Click here to download.




Local awesome photographer and yogi Gaynor Eisenberg is a pro at capturing the moment. Here, she caught her dog, Duncan, doing his variation of down dog. Click to check out Gaynor’s gallery!

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If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

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Elation by Isbells

Chemicals Collide
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Moving in Time
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I Can See My House from Here
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Shot At the Night
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Love Away
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Line of Fire
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Skinny Love
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Future Days
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